Faculty Led Study Abroad programs are MSU courses specifically created for experiential learning abroad where you travel with an MSU faculty leader and peers to study academic content in an international setting. 

Peru FLSA 2016 Macchu Pichu

Benefits of participating on a Faculty Led Study Abroad program:

  • Go Somewhere short-term over winter break, spring break, or during the summer.
  • Earn MSU credit abroad and study in an international setting with an MSU faculty member and your peers.
  • Study your academic interests in a relevant international context.
  • Pay MSU tuition and faculty led study abroad program-specific fee directly to your MSU Student Account.
  • Apply financial aid towards your study abroad program costs.
  • Open to both MSU students and non-MSU students who receive approval from the Office of International Programs to participate.  

MSU Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs for 2016-2017

Programs are currently under review and will be added to the website as they are approved.


Spring 2017

Ecuador 2017

Morocco Agroeco 2017

Morocco French 2017


Summer 2017

Austria Computer Science 2017+

Iceland 2017

Austria Computer Science 2017

Mexico 2017

Nicaragua 2017

Spain 2017

Breaksaway 2017

Additional Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

To search for other short-term study abroad programs, especially offered during summer, please visit https://www.montana.edu/international/studyabroad/go/.

Faculty Resources

If you are a faculty member interested in leading a Faculty Led Study Abroad program, please visit the Faculty Led Program Proposal website for more information.