Faculty, departments, and the Office of International Programs (OIP) work together to create a safe and academically enriching program abroad that can be offered during the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. Programs can be up to a semester in length and accommodate various group sizes. For more comprehensive information on developing a program, download the Faculty Led Study Abroad Handbook.

A program proposal to lead a Faculty Led Study Abroad program is submitted online, through My Global Connection. A complete proposal includes: program and group leader information, course description and syllabus, program justification, proposed itinerary, draft budget, communication plans, marketing plan and approval forms.  All proposal requirements are included in the online proposal along with detailed instructions.

The deadline to submit a proposal are as follows:

  • Spring Course - May 15 year prior
  • Summer Course - September 15th year prior
  • Fall Course - December 15 year prior

Late Submissions
If you're unable to submit your proposal by the deadline, we can still work with your program. However, it is important to note that late proposals may take longer to go through review and the standard approval process. Additionally, a late submission may adversely affect the marketability, recruitment time, and overall success of the program.

Get Started:

  1. Review the Study Abroad Handbook for Faculty Led Programs.
  2. Meet with the Faculty Led Program Coordinator to discuss your ideas, the program development and implementation process, decide on a program model.
  3. Attend a Faculty Led Program Proposal Information Event: Call for Proposals
  4. Click on the button below to get started on a program proposal and check out the proposal guide for additional reference.

OIP can assist faculty during the proposal stage with guidance on international partnerships, logistics, and provide recommendations. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by a committee of faculty peers. Proposers will be notified of acceptance and will work with OIP to start recruitment for programs.

Visit the International Travel Policy Resource Page for instructions on completing pre-departure requirements for group travel. Proper documentation and registration are required before travel.  Download the Faculty-led Quick Sheet for information regarding the Travel Policy and faculty-led programs.

For additional forms and documentation, visit the Faculty Forms page for downloadable PDF forms.

For questions or assistance with a Faculty Led Study Abroad proposal, contact Krysta Gorder, Faculty Led Program Coordinator.

krysta.gorder@montana.edu | 406-994-7512