MSU Faculty and Advisors play a pivotal role in a student's success throughout their college experience, and study abroad is no exception. Your support and encourage of a student interested in studying abroad may be all the difference in getting him/her to realize their goals. The MSU Study Abroad Team provides support to students through the phases of study abroad, and we are here as a resource for you as well.

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Studying abroad takes persistence and a commitment to see through the phases of the process. Here is a quick overview of what students must do in order to have a successful study abroad experience.
Phase Action Item
Phase 1 Students attend an advising session with Study Abroad.
Phase 2

Students apply to their chosen program by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete MSU online application through My Global Connection
  2. Interview with Study Abroad
  3. Complete host university application
Phase 3 and 4 Students work with their academic advisors to determine the course equivalencies. If needed, students meet with financial aid or identify possible scholarship opportunities.
Phase 5 Students required to attend Pre-Departure Orientation and Travel Health and Safety Class.
Phase 6 Students have a study abroad experience. Advised to keep in contact with academic advisors regarding curriculum changes.
Phase 7 Students return to MSU and required to submit updated course approval form if needed. May take up to one year for courses to be posted to Degree Works.


Topic Process
Grades All grades come back to MSU as Pass/Fail.
Courses Upper/lower division credit is determined by the academic department offering the equivalent course at MSU. Core designation is approved by the MSU Registrar's Office. All students are required to submit a Course Approval Form prior to departure.
Transcripts Please note transcript processing time depends on host country. A student must request prompt processing time for graduation requirements.
Degree Works Approved courses are listed as upper or lower electives on MSU transcript. As of Spring 2016, course equivalencies listed on the Course Approval Form will be entered on the MSU Transcript and Degree Works as designated course. Exceptions managers for departments may need to make adjustments on a case by case basis.

Engagement opportunities are available every month, so visit our Important Dates page to learn more.

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Question Who to Contact Phone
Advising for Europe Alyson Roberts (406) 994-7044
Advising for Africa, Asia, Central/South America and Oceania Colin Moravec (406) 994-7151
Faculty Led Programs Krysta Gorder (406) 994-7512
Health and Safety Abroad Susan Welker (406) 994-5719
My Global Connection portal (password reset, navigation, etc.) Colin Moravec (406) 994-7151
MSU International Travel Policy Susan Welker (406) 994-5719
Recommendations (My Global Connection) troubleshooting Alyson Roberts (406) 994-7044
Outreach Activities (Classroom presentations, events, etc.) Alyson Roberts (406) 994-7044
Transcripts Susan Welker (406) 994-5719