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For over a decade the Student Health Service has provided excellent travel-related health services to the MSU community. We offer services to MSU students who will be traveling internationally for academic pursuits or for any other reasons.

Students, faculty and staff can attend a free informative hour-long Travel Class (see current schedule below).  Students may also make an appointment to receive an individual travel consultation to assess personal health concerns, disease risk, and vaccination and medication recommendations tailored to their personal health and specific travel plans.

Group travel classes are available on request for MSU groups planning to study abroad.

We are also available for post-travel consultations.

For more information please visit the links at the bottom of this page.

Please call Student Health Service at (406) 994-7287 or e-mail with any questions or for further details.

We look forward to talking with you!


Upcoming Travel Health and Safety Classes:

Spring 2017

Thursday  March  9  @  10:00  am

Wednesday  April 5  @  10:00  am

Tuesday  April  11  @  1:30  pm

Monday  April  17  @   9:00  am

Thursday  April  27  @  11:00  am

Tuesday  May  2  @  1:00  pm


All classes are free and everyone is welcome!

Classes are held in the Upstairs Conference Room at Student Health Service

Classes last approximately 1 hour, slightly longer for travel to developing countries


ADDITIONAL RESOURCES to help you prepare for your international travels:

Resources for International Travel Health